Effective Corporate Affairs

Stakeholder Research & Consultation

Canvass understands the power of effective advocacy, the importance of member and stakeholder consultation and the policy development process.

Organisational reviews, stakeholder consultation and research is often critical for strategic planning, providing robust support and guidance for initiatives and programs and enhancing the viability and relevance of an organisation.

Whether professional organisations, industry groups or special interest groups, those who represent others need to be sure that they communicate effectively with constituents and act in their interests.

Research and consultation among members or key stakeholders, undertaken by professional, independent researchers is essential to ensuring this role is conducted effectively. Find out more…

Business to Business Research

Drawing upon our experience across many industry sectors, Canvass consults to corporate clients and their advisers to provide strategic intelligence and strategic planning built on a strong evidence base.

Canvass research explores both existing markets and potential new markets. To understand the perspectives and motivations of key decision-makers and influencers, Canvass accesses them directly: in the field, in depth.

The result is a clear picture of market behaviour and the key marketing implications for our clients.

Strategic planners, B2B marketers, heads of business development, editorial teams, advertising managers and PR consultants look to market research to build strategy and profile from a strong evidence base. Find out more…