Planning, Communications + Implementation

At Canvass we understand that integrating corporate affairs initiatives and research insights into organisational plans can be difficult. So clear reports and compelling presentation materials are hallmarks of Canvass advice.

Canvass makes presentations to Boards, senior management teams, staff and other key stakeholders to ensure that the case for change is understood. Through facilitated workshops, we help all levels of an organisation to take ownership of change. Teams work together to identify and grasp the opportunities presented by research findings.

The result is a strategic plan that is owned and agreed upon by internal stakeholders, messaging delivered consistently by and across the organisation and external stakeholders who have been consulted and who understand the priorities and evolution of the organisation.

Then we begin the process of developing key messaging and communications collateral across multiple channels. From annual reports to thought leadership pieces and instagram videos, we ensure content is consistent and finds its audience, on time and on budget.

Canvass then works with clients to implement communications campaigns; selling in stories to media, meeting with key influencers, drafting submissions to regulators, managing digital channels. Canvass clients benefit from increased profile, better awareness and understanding of issues, careful management of risks, clear market positioning and ongoing credibility and influence.