Public Affairs Research

Canvass understands the power of effective advocacy, the importance of member and stakeholder consultation and the policy development process. Research is often critical for strategic planning, providing robust support and guidance for initiatives and programs and enhancing the viability and relevance of an organisation.

Whether professional organisations, industry groups or special interest groups, those who represent others need to be sure that they communicate effectively with constituents and act in their interests. Research among members or key stakeholders undertaken by  professional, independent researchers is essential to ensuring this role is conducted effectively.

Likewise, stakeholder research can assist advocacy groups to form, frame and communicate arguments, as well as identify third party support and opposition. Looking to the next election and beyond, it is critical to understand the views of the public, federal, state + local governments and key stakeholders in your sector.

Our clients rely on us to provide insights which inform: Advocacy + Lobbying Campaigns  Strategic Planning + Stakeholder Relations Programs  Member Retention + Consultation Programs  Policy Development  Program Evaluations + Reviews

We consult to a wide range of public affairs clients, including: Companies, Membership Bodies +  Associations, Industry Peak Bodies, Advocacy + Lobby Groups, Not for Profit Organisations + Government Agencies.