Canvass Polls

Canvass Polls are independent weekly online surveys of Australian opinion on issues important to your organisation and your clients, targeted at your stakeholders. They are tools not only to understand opinion surrounding an issue, but also to communicate it effectively and authoritatively to stakeholders and the media.

The success of advertising, public relations and public affairs campaigns rests on a clear understanding of the views and preferences of target groups. Canvass Polls create news and strengthen campaigns.
Canvass can assist by tracking opinion over time with a series of polls, or undertake ‘ad hoc’ polls, which help with planning or highlight an issue in the media.

Canvass Polls differ from other polls in a number of ways:

  • Conducted weekly – enabling a fast response to issues and market movements
  • Cost effective – simple, competitive pricing structure
  • Analysis and interpretation of results supplied – making press releases easy.  


    Canvass provides a written report of research findings, including:

    • Clear, insightful summary of findings to assist with drafting communications materials
    • Brief details of research methodology, sample etc.
    • Statistical tables (PDF/Excel formats).

    Canvass is also happy to review communications materials to ensure they align with research findings.

    Frequency: Weekly.
    Questions to be finalised by midday each Wednesday.
    Poll in field from Thursday evening to Sunday evening each week. Respondents

    Nationally representative sample of Australian adults (18+).
    Canvass works with clients to refine sample specifications, ensuring that the views researched meet strategic aims.

    Sample Size: 1,000.
    Sample size provides statistically robust findings across demographic segments (such as location, age, sex etc.).

    Methodology: Online, using a panel of Australians compliant with AMSRS/ESOMAR professional standards. Canvass’ online methodology enables questions to feature visual displays (such as brands, logos, product images or videos).

    Questions: Minimum three (3) questions. Allows scoping of an issue from different angles and delivers findings which underpin key points in communications materials.

    Question Type: Range of pre-coded options. Additional charge for open-ended questions.

    Demographics: Results can be analysed (as relevant) by gender, age, work status, occupation, education level, marital status, household structure, household income, household size, main grocery buyer. Also by state, capital city and region.

    To discuss Canvass Polls and for costings, contact: