Project Scoping+ Creating the Research Brief

The best researchers delve into the issues at stake, working with clients to refine a research brief that meets their strategic needs quickly and cost-effectively, delivering results they can work with.

The experience of the Canvass team means we come to grips quickly with client issues and how to address them. It ensures the research brief reflects these imperatives.

Access to Key Stakeholders

Effective research depends on identifying your stakeholders and getting through to them.

Canvass researchers use their networks and industry experience to locate hard-to-reach viewpoints, to engage with these key stakeholders and maximise participation in research. We advise clients on the ways to build relationships with stakeholder groups to facilitate research both now and into the future.

Canvass conducts research with voters, donors, association members, professionals, business executives, MPs, bureaucrats, regulators, ethnic + community groups, media, employees, shareholders and the Australian public.