Canvass research projects are designed to achieve a multitude of aims and to find out what you need to know.

The nature of the research that Canvass conducts varies. In some cases, it’s part of the strategic planning that develops the goals and positioning of an organisation. In other cases, it’s part of a particular marketing, PR or advocacy campaign to achieve those strategic goals.

Ongoing tracking studies allow our clients to compare and contrast shifts and developments over time; to understand changes in markets and changes in sentiment; to see changes to competitive positions and in the needs of their members and stakeholders.


Canvass conducts qualitative and quantitative research with B2B and public affairs stakeholders through a range of research methodologies tailored to the brief.

These include one-to-one depth interviews, mini-groups, affinity groups, focus groups and online qualitative research, as well as online and telephone surveys. We also support fieldwork with targeted desk research.

Specific applications of our research including for strategic planning, campaigns and tracking studies:

Strategic Planning

There are many inputs into the planning process undertaken by Boards and senior management teams. Providing credible, independent, evidence-based inputs is the difference between planning based on strategic intelligence and planning based on gut feel.

When the stakes are high, scientifically-based research methodology is a welcome complement to experience and a chance to test strongly-held views. Canvass research is part of the ‘due diligence’ of decision-making.

Companies and organisations retain Canvass when they need professional, independent advice on: market positioning  reputation + branding  strategic initiatives, such as:

  • mergers and acquisitions  
  • stakeholder engagement and lobbying programs
  • corporate communications testing

Our long experience ensures access to hard-to-reach stakeholders to uncover awareness, understanding, positioning, perceptions, comparisons and agendas.

Stakeholder research lets you scope the future with input from those with influence: members, clients, suppliers, partners, media, competitors, MPs, donors and the community.


Influential campaigns depend on understanding the lie of the land, having the support of credible facts and figures and getting well-crafted messages through the right channels to reach audiences. Campaigns that work are proactive, timely and cost-effective.

From another perspective, when issues that threaten your organisation erupt in the public arena, knee-jerk reactions are not the answer. Quick thinking and effective responses are based on an understanding of different perspectives and relative stances on the issue.

Firstly, Canvass campaign research determines where your stakeholders are on an issue. We test the messages and symbols that will shift sentiment and alter behaviour. Canvass then tracks opinion during the campaign for timely progress reports and ongoing strategic advice. Finally, we evaluate campaigns across all the metrics.

In addition, Canvass has graphic design, media training and PR expertise on hand for fast, all-inclusive campaign assistance when you need it most. Canvass works at every stage of a campaign to:

  • identify and measure current attitudes, sentiments and positions of key audiences  
  • form the building blocks of advocacy and/or profile-raising campaigns  
  • create and test the most effective campaign messages and channels  
  • communicate independent research findings to audiences  
  • track campaign progress to enable tactical adjustments
  • measure and evaluate campaign results against campaign aims.

Canvass Opinion Polls: Canvass Opinion Polls are timely, independent surveys of Australian opinion on issues important to our clients, targeted at their audiences. Clients use them as a high-profile, cost-effective part of their campaigns. Polls are conducted via telephone, online surveys or face to face.

Clients can commission long-term stakeholder tracking polls, polls which track an issue during a campaign, or a one-off poll to test opinion or raise profile. Canvass delivers poll results and analysis to clients in strategic format, ready for use in advocacy and media campaigns.

The release of Canvass Opinion Poll results are timed for maximum impact among client audiences.

Tracking Studies

Member Consultation Programs: It is critical that organisations which represent and cater to members consult with those members and monitor their views.

Canvass works with membership bodies to understand the needs of members –levels of satisfaction and engagement, loyalty and views on issues of importance to them – and track changes to key metrics on a regular basis.

Canvass offers depth interviews and focus groups with a sample of members to identify and understand views, as well as easy-to-use and efficient online questionnaires to measure the extent to which those views are held by the wider membership.

Views can be tracked annually or to explore a particular issue with members. Reporting identifies the extent to which the organisation is delivering against objectives, as well as trend analysis from year to year. Canvass also advises membership bodies about communicating research insights back to members to underscore strategic initiatives.

Industry Tracking Studies: Industry Tracking Studies are a cost-effective way of understanding the dynamics and drivers of a sector over time. They are syndicated, quantitative research, enabling industry participants to underwrite research which sheds light on issues of importance in their sector.

Using robust samples, the research findings are analysed and presented in engaging, visual and interactive formats to bring insights to the fore.

Canvass also advises syndicate partners on communicating the results to the media and other key stakeholders.