Access + Insight

Canvass reaches the people whose opinions matter to our clients, wherever they are.

Clients depend on our research – and the insights we draw from our research – to provide them with the basis for effective decision-making.

We conduct ongoing industry + stakeholder tracking studies, campaign-related research programs and ad hoc research projects. We’re a trusted adviser at every stage of the decision-making process, including:

SCOPING: Scoping and defining the broad strategic issues
RESEARCH BRIEF: Developing a research brief addressing the strategic issues
ACCESS: Identifying and accessing research participants through targeted recruitment
RESEARCH: Eliciting views and perspectives through appropriate methodology
ANALYSIS: Analysing research results, contextualised by industry and technical experience
REPORTING: Reporting findings with clear presentations and actionable recommendations
COMMUNICATING RESULTS: Advising how best to communicate findings with key audiences
IMPLEMENTATION: Assisting to implement research findings with boards + organisations.

Our work is timely and cost-effective. Independence and professionalism guide everything
we do.