Canvass works with research results, using technical and industry experience to transform findings into insights. Specialist quantitative analysis techniques help our clients to look at issues from the perspectives of different stakeholders and to predict behaviour under different scenarios.

Mapping Stakeholder Views

Weighing up the competing views of stakeholders can be difficult and abstract. Using proprietary techniques for perceptual mapping, Canvass works with clients to identify a ‘positioning pathway’, tracking repositioning or campaign progress in an engaging, easy to understand format.

Canvass research clarifies the defining attributes of organisations, key executives or campaign messaging. These attributes are then located on a perceptual map, giving decision-makers a much clearer reading of the situation.

Perceptual maps can be filtered by stakeholder, helping to understand an issue  through the eyes of each stakeholder groups. The technology can also map hypothetical positioning, so that gap analysis – between current and desired positioning – can then be conducted as part of an organisation’s strategic planning.

Strategic Planning + Campaign Development

How does an organisation choose between a range of strategic alternatives? Which has the best chance of success?

From screening proposed concepts right through to testing the complete offer, Canvass offers powerful diagnostic tools for predicting market share, ‘share of mind’ and behaviour via an interactive simulator.

Test and develop campaign ideas and concepts, brand or proposition offers, promotional and price alternatives.  Refine the offer and then launch with confidence that all the strategic elements are working successfully.