Trusted Advisors

To be effective, research must be timely and insightful. Only senior researchers who appreciate the sensitivity of issues, understand decision-making processes and can engage at the highest levels of business, government and civil society can deliver the results our clients need.

Canvass brings together market researchers who have deep experience with research techniques across many sectors. Our experience as former lawyers, management consultants, marketers, lobbyists, communications specialists and academics means we understand why clients commission research, the importance of independence and how to transform research findings into ‘real world’ solutions.

Canvass also offers communications and graphic design assistance to ensure  that the results of research find their mark with key audiences. It’s a combination that offers clients trusted advisers at every step of the decision making process: from formulating the issue to implementing research findings.

The Canvass Team

Alexis Roitman
Dr Phil Emerson
John Hughes
Bespoke Creative